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  Metal Foil Art   I have been teaching classes in a metal foil technique using Heavy Duty   Reynold's Wrap, black acrylic paint, and gold leaf. Some of my recent work:

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Walmart Bag Art   Since using recycled materials is a big part of my Alchemical Art and                                                  since I love texture in artwork, I made these pieces out of plastic                                                  Walmart shopping bags and acrylic paint using a heat gun.

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Last month (September, 2015) I was bitten by the STEAMPUNK BUG! The first thing I did was to steampunk my iPhone, then I made earrings and a necklace out of a plastic toy motorcycle, goggles out of movie 3D glasses, steampunk staffs out of curtain rods and finally made a primitive SP outfit.

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     Mixed Media

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Polymer Clay

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Handcast Paper

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Artist Trading Cards

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Altered AOL CD's

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Driftwood Sculpture

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